Cloud Engineer Azure



Afdeling: Cloud Engineers
Employment Type: Voltijds
Remote: Nee
Salaris: 4500-6500 EUR / month

Welcome to the world of Wildflowers – the colorful and vibrant community of tech enthusiasts! 🌼

So, what's the buzz about Wildflowers, you ask?

We're not your run-of-the-mill company; we're a young and energetic bunch of engineers specializing in all things cloud-related. We don't just build infrastructure, we craft experiences!Β 

At Wildflowers, we're not just about the technical wizardry – we're passionate learners who are always raring to explore new horizons. Sharing our knowledge with clients is our jam, and we do it with a side of enthusiasm that's truly infectious. We're like those wildflowers you stumble upon in the most unexpected places, thriving and blooming wherever we go. 🌷

Our motto? "Wildflowers flourish everywhere." 🌸

As a Wildflower, you're the adventurous type, always curious, and you savor feedback like a fine wine. Feedback, after all, is the secret sauce that helps us all grow and evolve together.

But here's the real twist – when you join Wildflowers, you become a part of a motley crew of amazing individuals, each with their unique backgrounds and cultures. We don't just embrace diversity; we play it like a symphony, creating a richer, more vibrant experience for both our team and our clients. We're not afraid to take the lead, make a few mistakes, share them, and grow from them. It's this spirit that sets us apart and makes us proud of our incredible accomplishments. πŸŽ‰

Wildflowers aren't just a team; we're a living, breathing testament to the power of diversity, passion, and growth. Come be a part of our vibrant garden and let your tech talents bloom alongside us! 🌻


Education Level: Certification
Ervaringsniveau: Ervaren

Wat wij zoeken:

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey as a Cloud Engineer? If you've got the passion for tech, the drive to innovate, and a zest for all things cloud, this is your calling! We're looking for a dynamic, forward-thinking individual to join our team in the Netherlands.

What you'll bring to the cloud party:

πŸš€ Rocketing Experience: You've navigated the tech galaxy as a Systems Engineer or DevOps Maestro in complex landscapes. You've got the battle scars, and you're hungry for more!

☁️ Cloud Command: You're not just any cloud enthusiast; you're an Azure aficionado, GCP guru, or AWS ace. Your cloud knowledge is like a breath of fresh air in a digital world.

πŸ€– Automation Artist: Configurations bend to your will with tools like Chef, Ansible, or Puppet. Automation is your art, and PowerShell and Python are your magic wands.

🌐 CI/CD Superstar: Deploying both off-the-shelf and homegrown wonders through CI/CD pipelines is your jam. You're the master of orchestrating the cloud symphony.

πŸ’» Infra Magician: ARM templates or Terraform are your spells, and you're conjuring infrastructure from thin air. Your CI/CD pipelines are your trusty companions in this magical endeavor.

🏠 On-Premises Hero: You don't just conquer the cloud; you're ready to dive into the world of on-premises environments. Traditional or cutting-edge, you're there with your cape and toolkit.

Klinkt dit als jou? πŸš€

Als je enthousiast met je hoofd knikt, waar wacht je dan nog op? Sluit je aan bij Wildflowers en laten we samen iets buitengewoons creΓ«ren! We bieden niet alleen banen aan; we bieden de kans om je vaardigheden te ontwikkelen, je passies te koesteren en deel uit te maken van een team dat net zo levendig en uniek is als jij.

Klaar om de wilde kant van de technologie te omarmen? Solliciteer nu of neem contact met ons op. We zijn niet zomaar een team; we zijn een familie van Wildflowers en we kunnen niet wachten om je te verwelkomen in onze tuin van innovatie! 🌸✨